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Comprehensive Wellness Test @ RUSVM Wellness Fair 2023

Sample Type:

Blood & Urine

Turn Around Time

24 - 48 Hrs


Fasting Required

Doctor Referral:


For the month of March only, Next Generation Medical Lab is collaborating with Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) for Health Awareness month.
RUSVM Community members (student and staff) will benefit from this expanded collection of tests that goes beyond the Basic Wellness testing at a heavily discounted price.
Take evaluating your health one step further! 

What's Included

Complete Blood Count(CBC)
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate(ESR)
High Sensitive C-Reactive Protein(CRP / hs-CRP)
Lipid Profile(Fat Profile)
Liver Profile(Hepatic Profile)
Renal Profile(Kidney Profile)

• A team from Next Generation Lab will be on site at the Discovery Conference Room from
7:30AM to 1PM on Thursday March 23rd 2023.
Overnight fasting is required for this test. Do not consume any meals or beverage after midnight on Wednesday March 22nd 2023. A small quantity of water can be used to take prescription medications in the morning.
• Select a time for your test on Thursday morning
and please be on time.
• The cost of this panel of blood test is $260 EC and qualifies for reimbursement by your health insurance provider. You or your provider must use the code RVMCWP to attract the discount.
• You may make payment for the test on the day or at Next Generation Lab. Please click here for Google Directions from RUSVM Campus.
• Your test results must be forwarded to a medical practitioner to be reviewed once they are processed.
• Please provide the name of your personal physician where results should be forwarded.
• If you do not have an established physician, two local medical doctors (Dr.
Dwain Archibald and Dr. Tiria Julius) will be on site on Thursday. You may select the name of either doctors when booking your appointment to receive your results from the lab and consult with them in a separate encounter outside of the RUSVM Campus. You are expected to absorb any costs arising from your consultation with either doctor outside of the RUSVM Health Day activity on March

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